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Day 26, Broome to Karijini National Park.

Wednesday 24th August, 2011 Day 26…
Odo start, 12,285 K's
Odo end,  13,270 K's
Distance Travelled.  985 K's
Accommodation, Karijini National Park, Dales Camping Area, $5 Park Entrance, $7 camping fee for an unpowered site…

I wasn't holding much hope for today, Mick had told me there was not much to see between Broome and Port Hedland…. He wasn't kidding.

I was packed and saying goodbye to Mick at 7:10am, heading east to get back on the main highway. As i was riding past the Cable Beach sign, i thought that i'd better drop past for a few pics. Considering i am into photography, i hadn't even taken ANY shots of Broome, a quick detour and i was down at Cable Beach, a few touristy shots and i was back on to the bike heading to Port Headland.

The Touristy shots…

I arrived at the Sandfire Roadhouse at 10:40 for my first stop. 17.7 Ltrs @ $1.85.00/Ltr $32.80 for 338K's. I had a toasted cheese sandwich for brekkie, and i was off.

I arrived at Port Hedland at 1:45pm, i had a little ride around the scale of the machinery is unbelievable. There were a few trains awaiting loading, there were at least 3 K's long, i couldn't get any shots of them, but i managed one of the bulk loader…

I refuelled at 2:00pm 14.69 Ltrs @ $1.56.5 $23.00 for 301K's it was now time for a little diversion inland to Karijini, i had kept hearing wonderful reports from the travellers that i had met, so i had to visit. As i headed south, i came across these being delivered!!

It was a 100 or so boring K's until the scenery started changing and i noticed the altimeter was climbing. It was going to be touch and go to get to the campground in daylight, but i had to stop just short of Munjina Roadhouse for these photos…

It was time for more fuel, this time the bike took 15.14 Ltrs  @ $1.73/Ltr $26.19 for 263 K's I asked at the roadhouse for directions to the campground, it was sitll over 70 K's away! Time to get a move on, i headed South, rounding up 2 road trains just out of Munjina, as i was overtaking them i saw the perfect photo, a stunning White tree growing on the edge of a blood red cliff, the setting sun was really putting on a show, the area looked magnificent. I just wish i would have had the time to stop and get the shot, the long trip to the campground stopped me from turning around..

I arrived at Dales Campground at 5:45pm, it had been a BIG day, 985 K's.

Sunset arriving at Dales Campground...

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