Thursday, 26 January 2017

Day 25, rest day in Broome

Tuesday 23rd August, 2011 Day 25…
Odo start, 12,278 K's
Odo end,  12,285 K's
Distance Travelled.  7 K's
Accommodation, Mick's Place, Broome…

A rest day for the bike and me today, i took the bike down to the car wash and gave her a clean, after all the corrugations, todays job was maintenance, i headed to Autopro and bought some loctite, inox and a new tyre pressure gauge.

I had noticed that the painer magnets had been working them selves loose, so off they all came,  everything was cleaned up and re fastened, i added some duct tape as added security..

The bike has performed brilliantly, i could not think of a better bike to do the trip on. It has started every morning and run faultlessly, the chain has been adjusted once, it needs a small tweak again, the only real problem was a blown fork seal that i noticed in Cairns. My cameras and laptop survived the Gibb, unfortunately when processing photos in Broome, i noticed that my screen had major uniformity problems, in any black or white area of the image you could see the LED backlights brightly illuminating certain areas of the screen. I will be talking to Apple when i get back.

I'm leaving tomorrow, heading for Karijini, i have heard it is stunning so i will be making a small detour of 300 - 400 K's to check it out.

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