Thursday, 26 January 2017

Day 6, Buderim to Rockhampton.

Thursday, 4th August, 2011. Day 6…
Odo start, 3,688 K's
Odo end, 4350 K's
Distance Travelled. 662 K's
Accommodation, Criterion Hotel, $65.00 for a room with shower. Food and drink prices on par with Metro hotels, $7.00 for a Corona.

I left the motel at 8:30am, the skies were overcast but things were dry. Being my first day with no time constraints, i wanted to let the day unwind, and see where it would take me… Nice sentiment hey!

Unfortunately things didn't start very well. For the last 5 days i have been enjoying 3,500 songs on my Zumo, screaming along to Barnesy and Diesel inside my helmet as i rode through this wonderful country. Today the zumo wouldn't play music, well the media player was playing but no audio was getting to my Sena SMH-10. The phone worked through the Zumo, so obviously the 3 products were all talking to each other, but there was no music. After trying multiple restarts and re connects, i gave up, it will be tonights job to try and get working again.

So listening to the deepening exhaust note of the bike, i cruised along the coast. I even stopped short of Noosa to take this pic.

Want ing to prove to myself that i could slow down, i even took a detour to a scenic lookout! I ended up at "Tewantin Forest Reserve" here is the view…

It was onto Gympie, where once again i made the bold move to follow the Tourist Drive, ignoring my prepared route, what a bad move that was! After riding through industrial back streets, i looked to my Garmin and headed to Tin Can Bay. This is where my attitude started to change. I rode into Tin Can Bay and wondered why i had bothered. It was just another tourist sea side town.

After having a good think to myself about what i want to achieve on this trip, i decided it was going to be about the remote areas of this country and not everything along the way. With that decision made, it was time to high tale it out of town. Rockhampton became my goal for days end.

I stopped for a refuel and drink at Torbanlea at 1pm. $27.50 of fuel 19.4 Ltrs for 406 K's

It was raining, and blowing a gale when i left the servo, the oncoming semi's were really pushing me around, the peak on the Zeus is not a great asset when it comes to wind gusts. It was time to put my head down and cover some miles. 

I pulled into Rockhampton at 5:45, i did a quick reccie of the pubs in town and decided on the Criterion, it was more expensive than the Heritage, but they would let me park the bike off street.

Is it just me or is there a trend emerging with my photos?????

The Criterion…

The Heritage….

Maybe the ride report need to be about an Aussue wide Pub Crawl : )

So i'm about to try and get the music playing, then figure out how far to push tomorrow.

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