Thursday, 26 January 2017

Day 7 Rockhampton to Townsville.

Friday, 5th August, 2011. Day 7…

Odo start, 4350 K's
Odo end,  5,093 K's
Distance Travelled.  743 K's
Accommodation, Townsville Walkabout Palms Caravan Park. $28.00 for an unpowered site!!

The day started at 8:30, my choice of Hotel may have not been the best!  I sat and listened to the people on the floor above me stamp around until early in the morning, so very little sleep. I put aside some time to sort out my music problems. I set the system up in the room and it worked perfectly !!

I got away from the hotel late as i got talking to a bloke who had just ridden across Russia, 9:00am i was fuelled up at the BP in Rocky. I put my in ear monitors on and got ready for some fine music…. No go !!! I spent 15 minutes trying to get it going, no luck! I tried removing the Zumo from its cradle and straight away music played. hmmmm i have to think about what may causing this.

The bike took 18.07 ltrs for 372 K's, i can't get a handle on the fuel economy, it is all over the place!

The skies were overcast but rain didn't seem imminent. The days plan was cover as many k's as possible, Townsville was my ideal destination. The terrain is really suprising me, i didn't expect the mountains, it is great riding through endless sugar cane plantations, with this mountainous backdrop. The weather has been perfect, it almost seems like a Melbourne spring, no humidity at all yet, just low 20C days with fresh breezes, perfect.

I refuelled at the Kolijo Roadhouse, 18.98 ltrs for 388 K's, a quick Cherry Ripe for lunch and back on the gas. I finally rolled into Townsville just after 5 pm. My elation at arriving quickly soured when trying to find accommodation, i ended up at the Big4 Camping compound. Apparently there is a Jehova's Witness gathering up here this weekend, so virtually everything is booked. $28.00 for an unpowered site on the Bruce Highway, makes Cotton Tree seem like a bargain!

I only took 2 pics today whilst waiting for roadworks, i was on a mission...


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