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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Day 5, Cotton Tree to Buderim !!!!

3rd August, 2011. Day 5…

Odo start, 3,669 K's

Odo end, 3,688 K's

Distance Tavelled 19 K's

Accommodation, Buderim Motel, $82.00

With my morning meeting not starting until 10am, i fitted my 180mm lens to the camera and went for a short walk.

I caught these guys coming back to shore..

Here is a shot of the campsite, i have just bought the tent after taking my old MacPac in for repair and seeing the look on the repair guys face! 

The new tent is a Nemo, Losi 3 person. I must say i am extremely happy with it. It is my first mesh tent, so it will be interesting to see what i think of it when i get into dusty conditions. The tent go's up in minutes and has tons of nice little attention to detail features, it features 2 large vestibules and almost vertical walls.

I then decided to look at repacking my kit, the pannier holding my laptop was simply way to heavy, i unpacked everything and looked at how better to distribute the weight. I am much happier with the setup now, but i am sure it will be refined further.

Yesterday i decided to strap my backpack to the bike instead of wearing it, WOW what a difference, i think it will stay strapped to the bike. I have noticed that each morning i have been waking with a very sore neck, i assume it is just my body adapting to wearing the helmet for such long durations.

The whole day was spent at Heliport recording studio, it really is a spectacular place, check this out for a view…

I spent the day playing with this stuff…

Thanks James, have fun installing your new 24 channels tomorrow, 72 channels now, whoo-hoo

As the day got away from me, i am in a motel in Buderim for the night. checkout the wall mounted climate control!!!

Featuring custom zone control….

I'm now off to look at some maps for tomorrow.

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