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Day 8, Townsville to Paronella Park

Saturday, 6th August, 2011. Day 8…
Odo start, 5,093 K's
Odo end,  5,496 K's
Distance Travelled.  403 K's
Accommodation, Paronella Park, $36 gave me entry to the park and 2 nights accommodation  on an unpowered tent site. 

I left the Compound at 9:00 fully fuelled ,he bike used 16.28 ltrs for 351 K's.

I was already sweating just filling the bike, it seemed i had finally found real QLD weather, i decided to remove both liners from my jacket and open all vents. I was extremely comfortable, my new Rev'It Jacket has exceeded all my expectations. The day was perfect (except still no music!!!) I was riding under beautiful blue skies and once moving the breeze was fresh and comfortable.

Seeing a sign for Wallaman Falls, i thought, why not. A 100K round trip seemed like a great idea, i had a ton of time to burn, so left i turned. The skies suddenly became dark and i could feel the moisture as i rode.

Here is where i am came from..

Here is where i am going...

Lovely ride in to the falls, a mixture of steep twisty bitumen and graded dirt.  I passed a couple on a CBR1000 on the way up, i'm glad i wasn't on that! The falls were spectacular. 260+ mtr drop here are a few shots…

I was in two minds about refitting my liners, it was getting cold, but it looked fine down on the coast. I decided to toughen up and leave them out. 

Cardwell was a surprise, after seeing the devistation after Yassi, i was amazed to find an absolutely beautiful sea side town, what a magic place. I decided to stop for lunch as the skies were clear and the day was once again fine. I stopped at Vivia Cafe and had the BEST steak, cheese and Bacon pie ever. Do yourselves a favour, you local guys drop in and visit this cafe, the food is made onsite and is great..

Checkout the pie..

The shop that made the pie... do yourselves a favour.

The Beach at Cardwell...

The destination for the day is Paronella Park. Riding towards the park, it it was almost like riding through Victorian Dairy country, beautiful paddocks with cattle grazing. When i arrived i was greeted by the owner Mark Evans, what  a gracious host. I would recommend visiting here just to support business owners who go beyond the call. It is a fantastic place and the story is truly inspiring.

Here is Mena Falls, you can see the hydro on the right of the picture..

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