Thursday, 26 January 2017

Day 28, Exmouth to Dongara.

Friday 26th August, 2011 Day 28…
Odo start, 14,002 K's
Odo end,  14,916 K's
Distance Travelled.  914 K's
Accommodation, Dongara Hotel Motel, $130…

I woke up before dawn, First light was 6:15 so for 45 minutes i started packing what i could. When i finished packing, i went to the Caltex for breakfast, Choc Big M and toasted cheese sandwich. I checked the tyre pressures, the front was low, down to about 15psi!! and hit the road heading South at 7:15.

On the way in last night, i discovered that 2 of the worlds dumbest animals in regards to road sense inhabit the roads, so this morning i decided to leave early, but keep the speed down. Cruising at 80kph i hoped that i could safely avoid any animals bent on suicide.

A couple of cars overtook me, when a 3rd 4x4 went past i decided to up the speed and sit 100m behind the 4by, within 20 seconds i had a roo dart out in front of me, so it was back down to 80 - 90 Kph.

The scenery, the bay is just off to the left, and the Ocean way off to the Right…

First stop was Carnarvon, my fuel gauge had been blinking at me for 50K's. At 10:45 i fuel up, the bike takes 21.23 Ltrs! (it's a 22 Ltr Tank) @ $1.57.5/Ltr $33.53 for 365 K's

I rode out past the OTC Space Centre heading for Geraldton. The scenery hadn't changed much and the day was quite fresh. I refuelled 121 K's down the road at the Wooramel Roadhouse. 7.84 L @ $1.57/ Ltr $12.31 I again checked my tyres, they were fine. Unfortunately whilst i was lying on the ground doing my tyres, a tour bus rolled in, by the time i walked in to pay, there was a massive que so it took about 10 minutes before one of the pensioners who had been talking to me about my trip, let me in line to pay : ) 

The scenery was still uninspiring, suddenly i see a scenic lookout sign!! I had to check this out…

Where i had come from...

At about 150 K's North of Geraldton, wildflowers started appearing, then something strange happened, all the creeks and river bridges that i was crossing has water under them!

By the time i had reached Binnu, it was freezing, well the sun was out but the wind was freezing. I had to stop and put the thermal layer back in my Jacket. 

It was onto Northampton for another refuel, 19.39 Ltrs @ $1.55.9 $ 30.23 for 309 K's This part of WA from Binnu down to Dongara is beautiful, lush paddocks and occasional spectacular views out to the ocean.

I dropped in to Geraldton for a quick pic, i wonder if that is the same Ocean Liner i photographed at Palm Cove??

One last push to Dongara, where i grabbed a motel room so i could clean up and feel human, these have been 3 big days in a row, i couldn't face putting the tent up again, so it is time for some luxury.

I now feel like i am getting back to civilisation, i will have to start slowing my speed down, for the last 5,000 K's or so, i have had 110 - 130 kph speed limits, i will have to readjust to a little slower now there are TOG police around.

Tomorrow Perth, via the Pinnacles

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