Thursday, 26 January 2017

Day 29, Dongara to Perth.

Saturday 27th August, 2011 Day 29…
Odo start, 14,916 K's
Odo end,  15,375 K's
Distance Travelled.  459 K's
Accommodation, Staying with Family in Perth…

Today is going to be an easy day into Perth. I am told there is some wildlife about these parts so i decide to sleep in and have a late start.

I leave the hotel at 8:30, heading for the "Indian Ocean Drive". I expect to see coast line as far as the eye can see, but all i see is sand dunes and low scrub with occasional glimpses of the turquoise Indian Ocean.

I stop for fuel at Cervantes, the bike takes 16.98 Ltrs @ $1.59 L $27.00 for 287 K's

Here is the Cervantes Foreshore…

It is now time to visit the Pinnacles, i pay my $5.00 entry fee and decide to ride the 4 K loop, it is a very weird place!

I now head into Perth to visit one of my dealers, then it is time to head South to meet up with my cousin, where i have a room for a couple of days, time for some rest for me and a bit of TLC for the bike, tomorrow it is off to the car wash then time for another oil change. 

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