Thursday, 26 January 2017

Day 24, Windjana Gorge to Broome.

Monday 22nd August, 2011 Day 24…

Odo start, 11,895 K's
Odo end,  12,278 K's
Distance Travelled.  383 K's
Accommodation, Mick's Place, Broome…

After a poor nights sleep, i was packed and ready to go at 7:00am, todays goal, Broome.

Not to much to report today except for another flat front as soon as i reached the Gibb, these corrugations are murder…

The map told me it would become sealed in about 5 - 6 K's, after yesterdays ride, i had grown a very strong attachment to asphalt…

Unfortunately, the map lied, after being totally content blasting along the bitumen in the early morning light, the last thing i wanted to see was a "Gravel Road" sign It was about 40 - 50 K's of Interspace gravel/bitumen roads until finally about 80's out of Derby, the dirt finally ended.

I rode into Derby..

Fuelled the bike and myself and headed for Broome. On the way i came across these on the road..

It was then onto Mick's place and a good night chatting about photography and a nice pub meal to finish the evening. I am starting to feel human again.

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