Thursday, 26 January 2017

Day 4, Glen Innes to Cotton Tree.

2nd August, 2011. Day 4….

Odo Start 3,191 K's

Odo End 3,669 K's

Travelled 478 K's

Accommodation, Cotton Tree Caravan Park, $34.20 for an unpowered site.

This day should be sub titled... "Oh the Shame"

I woke this morning undecided what to do…

Take Pete's advice and do the dirt road meandering beside the river… Or

Hightail it into Brisbane and get the work over and done. 

I spent a couple of hours with the GPS last night plotting Pete's route, it looked great. This morning however i decided to hit the highway to Brisbane,, i know… i know….

My logic was that i could get my meeting in Brisbane over and done with, then get up to the Sunshine Coast ready for another meeting tomorrow.

I now find myself with a beach front unpowered site at Maroochydore, Cotton Tree to be precise.

This must be some of the most expensive real estate anywhere… The joint is full of mega motorhomes and 4x4's towing caravans, there must be millions of dollars worth of stuff sitting here.

How much do i hear you ask is an unpowered site?  $34.20, yup for 1 night, not a week what  a business!!

Not much to report on todays ride as it was simply the main highways from Glen Innes to Brissy, then up the motorway to Buderim.

Here is tonight's Sunset from my campsite..

I promise the holiday starts tomorrow afternoon…..

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