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Day 32, Pemberton to Esperance

Tuesday 30th August, 2011 Day 32…
Odo start, 15,842 K's
Odo end,  16,584 K's
Distance Travelled.  742 K's
Accommodation, The Pier Hotel $88…

I woke this morning to find a drab grey day awaited me, well i have had an excellent run with the weather so i can't complain. I fitted all liners to my jacket and pants, it was the first time i had fitted the liners to the pants as i didn't get them until i was in Cairns, so all liners were removed before i wore them. I was unhappy to see that one of the zips that secure the goretex liner in the leg was damaged, not very happy considering the cost of the pants, when i get home i'll contact the manufacturer and see what they will do. The performance of the gear has been excellent, i have been comfortable in a wide rage of conditions and the stuff is very comfortable.

I was on the road at 8:15 am, i took a quick spin to see the Gloucester Tree, which left me underwhelmed so i hit the road headng East.

The countryside around Pemberton is stunning, lush and green as far as the eye can see...

When you see a sign warning you of logging trucks for the next 100 K's, it is a pretty good indication that the roads are going to be great. Here are some of the Karri Tree's…

The forest's remind me of the Dandenong Ranges where i live, the Karri's are a similar scale to the Mountain Ash trees from home, the major difference is the undergrowth and scent. Not many ferns in this neck of the woods.

On the way to Denmark, i saw a sign for "Fine Chocolates" and i thought it would be an ideal time to stop and have a hot chocolate, i rode into the property and walked through the front door only to be told they were closed, they were busy making the chocolate but wouldn't be open until Thursday!

Beautiful little place..

I rode on through Denmark and then took the scenic route into Albany…

What a great little town, i grabbed a cold drink choosing not to refuel as if i was lucky, i would find a fuel stop near the half way point to Esperance which hopefully would mean one refill. When i took the turn off for the South Coast Highway heading for Jerramungup the scenery took a turn for the worse, gone were the trees, replaced with scrub that screened fields of Canola and other crops.

My fuel plan had me not stopping until Jerramungup, but the fuel gauge didn't want to play along with my plan, so at 12:30 i rode into Wellstead for a refuel. 20.46 Ltrs @ $1.55.2/L $31.75 for 358 K's

In the distance storm clouds were brewing and it was raining to the East, i was actually hoping for a little rain, the amount of bugs on my visor was becoming a pain.

Not much to report about the next leg of the trip, just kilometres of the same endless scrub. The bike was chewing fuel at a ridiculous rate and it was becoming clear it would be touch and go to get to Esperance, so at 3:10, i pulled into the Munglinup roadhouse and refuelled again. 16.73 L @ $1.53/L $25.60 for 279 K's. When paying the attendant asked if i had seen the Stormtrooper on the road ( i though Stormtrooper must have been local lingo for the cops) I told him no, where was he, off to the East i was informed… 

I thanked him for his info and headed off. About 3 K's to the East guess what i came across? A guy walking from Perth to Sydney wearing a complete "Stormtrooper" costume!!! It takes all kinds, i tooted my horn and waved as i rode past, he may have had a few too many screws loose to stop and chat!

I finally arrived in Esperance at 4:30, the rain was still threatening, so i wimped out of camping and got a room at the pub.

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