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Day 31, Perth to Pemberton.

Monday 29th August, 2011 Day 31…
Odo start, 15,387 K's
Odo end,  15,842 K's
Distance Travelled.  455 K's
Accommodation, Gloucester Motel Pemberton, $80…

It was a very early start this morning, MotoGP was on TV from Indy, i had watched qualifying live yesterday morning, Casey was on fire, i set the alarm for 1:28am expecting another dominant performance from Casey.

Bleary eyed i got up and turned the TV on, Ben Spies had had a good morning warm up session, so all was looking good for the race. Casey rode a faultless race to score his 7th win of the season. Hopefully soon most people will understand just how good he is. When he won on the Ducati, a lot of people said it was because he was on the best bike, it is funny how the very same bike has ended the careers of many promising riders and "The Doctor" is finally getting a reality check on just what the Ducati is like to ride. Now on the Honda it is the bike that is receiving all the praise, not the guy who wrings it's neck, at the moment, no-one rides with the controlled aggression of Casey, i hope he goes on to win many championships.

It was back to bed after the race, the 2 early mornings had left their toll, so it was 9:30am when i finally got out of bed and jumped in the shower. By 11:45 i had said my goodbyes and was on the road. Thanks Lyn and Graham for your wonderful hospitality, see you in Melbourne at Christmas.

I meandered down all the tourist drives i could find. My first stop was Mandurah for fuel. The bike took 19.21 Ltrs @ $1.36.9/Ltr $26.30 for 314 K's 

I stopped at Bunbury for a few pics..

It was then time for a quick stop at the Busselton Jetty…

I followed the signs to Margaret River, i arrived at 3:30 so the place was packed with school kids and buses, i decided to keep riding and get to Cape Leeuwin, I saw a sign for Caves Rd, one of my friends had suggested i use it, i turn right and after about 10 K's i realise i am on the wrong end of the road!! I doubled back and then rode to the Cape, unfortunately luck wasn't with me, i rolled into the carpark at 4:10pm, the lighthouse had just closed as they were shooting a TV Show/Movie there.

I got a quick shot from the fence was all i could get..

I headed back to Augusta then my GPS found a short cut to Pemberton, so it was time to try and get there before dusk. 

There was some glorious country on the way...

I arrived at 5:45pm i rolled into the BP servo on fumes. The bike took 20.99 Ltrs @ $1.52.00/Ltr @$31.90 for 408 K's.

I tried the local pub, which was a Best Western, the tour bus out front didn't bode well, only deluxe rooms for $220.00 a night!! I headed off to cruise around town, i found the Gloucester Motel with an $80.00 room, so i grabbed it.

Tomorrow i head off for the Karri Explorer Drive, then off to Albany and Esperance.

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