Thursday, 26 January 2017

Day 18, Barkly Homestead to Katherine

Tuesday 16th August, 2011 Day 18…
Odo start, 8,373 K's
Odo end,  9,223 K's
Distance Travelled.  850 K's
Accommodation, Backpackers Katherine $26.00 for a 4 share dorm…

I couldn't get out of Barkly Homestead quick enough, somehow there definition of Oasis included a 40 foot shipping container containing a massive generator that was carefully placed in the middle of the campground which ran 24 hours a day! So 8:00 am and i was off
Not much info to pass on today, it was a quick blast up to Katherine all that happened was a couple of fuel stops.

Stop 1 at 9:45am at the 3 way roadhouse, the bike took 10.66 Ltrs @$1.89.5 $20.20 for 190 K's I took a travellers pie, Chocolate Milk and Cherry Ripe. 
Stop 2 at 1:05pm at Dunmarra, the bike took 18.94 Ltrs @ $1.85/Ltr $35.80 for 333 K's i needed a gatorade and a pair of sunnies.

I did come across this burn off..

I finally arrived at Katherine at 4:00 pm i booked a 4 share room in the backpackers for $26.00 I was in such a hurry to leave Barkly Roadhouse this morning i forgot to return my key, i had to rush to the Katherine post office to put it in a post pack so i could try and get my $50 key bond back…

I refuelled the bike, she took 19.39 Ltrs @ $1.54.7/Ltr $30.00 for 325 K's
I tried to book a Breakfast cruise through the Katherine Gorge tomorrow, but all spots were booked. I will load the bike up early and get there and see what is available, maybe another canoe hire for some great shots..

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