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Day 17, Adels Grove to The Barkly Homestead

Monday 15th August, 2011 Day 17…
Odo start, 7,813 K's
Odo end,  8,373 K's
Distance Travelled.  560 K's
Accommodation, Barkley Homestead $26.00 for a powered site…

The Mansfield Mob had told me how great the Gorge at Lawn Hill was, so i left camp all packed up at 8:30 to have a little walk up the gorge. As i walked down the track i said morning to the Canoe hire guy, we got chatting and next thing i know, i have my 2 cameras in a waterproof container a twin paddle in my hand and i am paddling up the gorge! WOW i am so glad i did this, what a spectacular way of seeing the place, here are a few pics…


I left the gorge to return to Adels for fuel for the bike and Me! i arrived at 10:50am the bike took 12.15 Ltrs @ $1.92.5/Ltr !! for 260 K's 

It was now time to head to Riversleigh and the back way to Camooweal. The Mansfield Mob had come in this way, they told me there were a few river crossings but i should be OK….

Again the road started well, then i had 143 K's of Misery, i thoroughly hated the ride, i was constantly fighting the bike, the ruts were woeful, it was simply no fun. I think my enthusiasm outweighed my ability to take a great line from Casey Stoner. For the first time this trip i longed for bitumen. I am making things hard on myself with my tyres, i still have the stock Bridgestones on and i still have hwy pressures as i DON'T want a flat or damaged rim. I hope the bike will feel better once i get the K60's fitted in Darwin…

The 2nd & 3rd river crossing didn't help my attitude, the 2nd was slippery and the current was very strong. I walked across and found it very difficult to even stand in the water. Once again i retreated to the bike to have a think about what to do. Before i know it, there is a tour bus and a Police troopy doing the crossing…

The cops stop, i have a good chat to them. I rewalk the crossing and see they are still there, obviously waiting to see if they need to rescue me. I go back and talk to them and ask if they would carry my electronics across, they agree then get their cameras out so they can capture the moment i go ass up. I wheel the bike to the start of the crossing, standing beside the bike, i select 1st gear ease out the clutch and start walking the bike through. When i get to the fastest part of the crossing it takes a ton of strength just to keep the front wheel straight, the current is catching the front discs and turning the bars… I finally make it through and the cops duly arrive with my gear… Thanks Guys.

i Jump on the bike, and ride off, in less than 100m there is another crossing, this one is long but very shallow, only a few centimetres deep. Full of confidence i ride straight in and fall straight off!!

I pick the bike up and straddle it to the other side, hopefully the worst is over. There is one more crossing to navigate and i am done, i walk the bike through this one and head off for Camooweal.

The road is still badly rutted with ocasional sandy patches, so my speed is very slow, i find myself riding along between 50 and 80 kph. about 80 k's into the track i hit an unmarked dip…

Oh no, my tripod mount is ripped from the bike and my LHS case has fallen. I strap the tripod case to the rest of my gear and ride off hoping to find some sealed roads soon.

After 143K's finally bitumen : ) i head off to my next fuel stop. I arrive at Camooweal at 3:16 pm the bike takes 13.75 Ltrs @ $1.81.9/Ltr $25.01 for 275 K's

I have a decision to make, it is now 3:45pm the next stop is 265K's away, do i go for it… YUP 

I cross into the Northern Territory at 4:00pm, then instantly gain 30 mins ..

My first visit to the territory, i needed a pic..

With a 130 KPH limit i hit the gas, i sit on 120 - 125 kph (i am worried about my rear tyre, when i checked it at Camooweal there were beads of rubber that were shredding, i think the high temps, heavy load and speed will kill the tyre, so i settle on 120-125 as a safe speed. I areive at Barkly Station at 6:05 (melbourne Time) book a site and fill up for a speedy exit tomorrow.

15.01 Ltrs @$1.89.9/Ltr $28.50 for 264 K's

Lets hope i enjoy tomorrow a little more...

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