Thursday, 26 January 2017

Day 11, an even shorter cruise into Palm Cove

Tueday 9th August, 2011 Day 11…
Odo start, 5,930 K's
Odo end,  5,970 K's
Distance Travelled.  40 K's
Accommodation, Palm Cove Caravan Park, $18/Night for an unpowered site, staying here for 2 nights…

At about 9pm last night i decided i was going to a different Camp ground. Massive domestic arguments and noisy teenagers raged throughout the night, so at 9:30 i was packed up and going back to Cairns. Unfortunately my parcel hadn't arrived so it meant i needed to stay longer. After checking out what was available yesterday, i decided a change of scene was in order.

Palm Cove sounded Nice, about 20 K's North of Cairns, so it would be easy enough to return to get my mail. I fuelled up at about 10am, whilst having breakfast (Cherry Ripe and Gatorade) i got talking to a bloke who just pulled in on a Trumpy Sprint, turned out he was a police Pilot, he kindly gave me his card and told me if i ran into problems on my trip to give him a call. What a great bloke, Thanks Dylan. I asked him about camping areas but he couldn't help me.

Enjoying the perfect day i ambled into Palm Cove, what a contrast from Cairns! A lovely beachside community, lots of trendy shops, accommodation and restaurants. Luckily they also had a not so trendy camping area, right on the beach. I could only get an unpowered site, but this was soooo much better than the "Leisure Park" Between my tent and the beach is one narrow road.

I have decided to go do the touristy thing tomorrow and see Kuranda via the scenic railway and skyrail, i am even taking the courtesy bus! A 7:15 am pickup and 5:20pm drop off means i won't be able to check my mail, hopefully Thursday my parcel will arrive and i can satrt moving North again.

After booking the tour, i wandered down the beach for a swim, it was weird swimming in an ocean where Croc's and stingers were a threat. There is a small surf rescue club here, so i'll go there for Diner, after visiting the North Avoca Club, i figured i had better support the local guys here as well. They have a new taste sensation on their menu, a BBQ Parma, sound perfect.

Here are a few pics of Palm Cove..

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