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Day 21, Litchfield National Park to Wyndham..

Friday 19th August, 2011 Day 21…
Odo start, 10,289 K's
Odo end,  11,237 K's
Distance Travelled.  948 K's
Accommodation, Wyndham Caravan Park, $25 for a powered site…

Todays plan was to get up before sunrise and hope that Wangi Falls was all that i hoped. I woke up during the night, it was fairly bright outside but not much noise from the wildlife yet, i turned the zumo on to get the time… 2:29am… I bit early

Next time i looked, it was 5:50, time to get up and see what the falls looked like. WOW, what a great spot..

A mate of mine in Broome, is leaving on a trip on the 28th, so it is time to see if i can get there before he leaves, it is time to focus, lets get to WA and see what we find on the way.

I leave the campsite at 8:00,I refuel at Adelaide River at 9:20am What a great little town, very picturesque, it was the getting off point for our WWII Diggers. The bike takes 11.88 Ltrs at $1.59.9/Ltr $$19.00 for 214 K's. I have a Mrs Mac's Beef and Cheese Pie and a Ginger Beer. 

Another refuel at Katherine at 11:55am 12.87 Ltrs @ $1.45.7/Ltr $18.75 for 206 K's

I turn West again heading for the border. About 150 K's into the ride, i ask the GPS where is the Next fuel… It tells me Kununurra!! There is no way i will make that at the speed i am riding, i back off to 106 kph and start contemplating my future. From all the ride reports i have read, the longest fuel range was 350K's.  About 15 minutes further up the road i see a wonderful sign for Victoria River where there is Fuel

The fabulous Victoria River..

I pull in at 1:30 the bike takes 10.5 Ltrs @$1.80.00/Ltr $18.90 for 198 K's

Gregory National Park is spectacular, no great shots as the sun was starting to set. I see my first Boab Tree near Timber Creek..

The Fabulous Real Victoria River, full of Salties..

Before i know it i hit the border..

Where i have to wait to be checked for contraband!! Given the all clear, i immediately gain another hour and a half, now on Perth Time and i set off for Kununurra. I refuel at 3:40pm, 16.77 Ltrs @$1.75.9/Ltr $29.50 for 326 K's

It is now time to head for Wyndham, i have been told i MUST see the 5 Rivers Lookout, so that is where i am headed…

I arrive just before sunset, photos won't do this justice, the scale of the rivers is immense, i have taken a rough pano, i'll see how it turns out when i get back to Melbourne.

Here is a wide angle shot for now.

I refuel at 5:13, 6.06 Ltrs @ $1.67.00/Ltr $10.12 for 115K's I ask the servo guy about accommodation, he recommends the Caravan Park, so off i head. Great little park that the new managers are doing up, a breath of fresh air compared to what i rode past coming into town, i was almost prepared to gamble the roos to get out of town, but the van park is great.

Tomorrow…… THE GIBB!!! I hope. If all goes well, you will probably hear from me in 4 or 5 days, if the road is badly corrugated, you will hear from me sooner....

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