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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Day 15, Atherton to Normanton...

Saturday 13th August, 2011 Day 15…
Odo start, 6,667 K's
Odo end,  7,372 K's
Distance Travelled.  705 K's
Accommodation, Gulfland Motel $50 for a room…

The day started early, up and in the showers at 6:30am. I then dropped in to see Tony, one of the people i met last night, he has a very well setup, Patrol Cab Chassis with custom body and roof top tent. I was packed up and on my way at 8:40 I hit the Kennedy Highway headed for Ravenshoe. 

Here is one of my handy motorcycle travel tips…. Clean yesterdays jocks, socks and t-shirts whilst having your morning shower, then strap them onto your luggage : ) 100kph clothes dryer… Who said men can't multi task.

Blasting along the road this morning i see the sign for Millaa Millaa, it is only 15k's off my route, i instantly decide to re-visit the Millaa Millaa Falls, when i was here last week it was pouring down, so i wanted the chance to take a few more shots.  then took the scenic drive to Ravenshoe from Millaa Millaa, and enjoyed 23K's of this…

At the end of the road was "Windy Hill"…

I wonder why they named it that?

I had brunch at Ravenshoe, QLD's highest town! 

From now on i was basically heading West : ) I was making good time and had actually passed my first triple Road Train. I saw a driver/revive free coffee sign at the Undara Lava Tubes, so decided to have a quick look and grab a cuppa. A 15K ride in on really nice sealed road was a joy, but when i arrived there was no free coffee and you had to take a 2 hour guided tour to see the lave tubes! I had no intention of blowing 2 hours, so i checked out the pics in the office, grabbed a gatorade (it was starting to hot up) and got back on the road.

I fuelled up at Mt Surprise,18.27Ltrs $27.75 for 369 K's the twisty roads took their toll on the fuel economy! 

The roads were ever changing, from 2 wide lanes to one single lane, i wasn't looking forward to meeting my first oncoming semi.

I was originally planning on getting to Croydon due to the morning sight seeing. I arrived there at 4pm, the sun was setting, the roos were starting to appear, do i push for the extra 158 K's and get to Normanton… YUP

I leave Croydon at 4.15 after dropping in and speaking to the Info officer, a great old guy who gave me some possible campsite locations. At 5.45 i am checked into the Gulfland Motel.

Sunny Normanton..

I am glad i took the advice from the engineer who fixed my foot peg, whilst riding into town for dinner, 2 fully loaded triple road trains carting cattle were coming from the Burke Development Road.

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